DDAC1FDA-9DDB-4B34-A994-71913CB53681The Core of My Anatomy: Family

It’s hard to articulate, no other bond carries the same weight.

They’re the cards we were dealt, the ones you wouldn’t trade for anybody else.

No matter how dysfunctional, they’re the most lovable.

Giving us our first set of attributes, they are the very beginning of our roots.

They won’t think twice, for you they’ll sacrifice.

They’re not always all glittery, still we share some of the same history.

They always show forgiveness, even when we’ve been a hot mess.

The closest thing to God’s Love on earth, they always remind us of our worth.

They live forever in our hearts. There; they forever give us support.

They provide a structure, that protects us even through the hurt.

No matter what has happened through the years, we always love our relatives.

They are the core of our anatomy, they are FAMILY.

Sitting around the table smashing, sharing stories and laughing.

Sharing memories, with “you remember when” stories.

For me it was summers in the country, back when Big Mama was chunky.

When Big Daddy drove that Buick like a Caddie.

The legendary “ass-whippings.” Why did I break that pick-up truck window, I was really tripping.

On the front porch playing church, playing baseball; sliding in what we wish had been dirt.

Riding four wheelers, and driving trackers.

Cutting the church grass with big Daddy, acting as his lawn mowing caddy.

Working; helping Willie in the hot sun for icy cups. Now that I think about it; he got over on us🤔.

Staying up late playing spades, man those were the days.

Sitting around shelling peas, a time when Big Mama planted her knowledge seeds.

Bringing us up in the church, she taught us how to pray and search.

Telling us to search after God’s heart, and whenever we messed up she gave us a fresh start.

Teaching us to stand strong when one falls down, our signature trait ask anyone in town.

All my uncles carrying a piece of William Hervey traits, my aunts with traces of Fannie Lee; You can see it through their grace.

My cousins serving as my second best friends, just like my sisters; I know they’re with me til the end.

We all share the same roots, the same blood. The closest thing on earth to experiencing God like Love.

The hand that I was dealt, and I wouldn’t trade any of them for anyone else.

Family, the core of our anatomy.


-New Age Tubman
22 November 2017




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