The Root of Division


When He speaks I write, please don’t take these words in spite.

Not trying to preach to you, just tired of ignoring the truth.

The world we currently live in, so full of sin.

45s promise to make America great again, has our world looking like the world described by James Baldwin.

A country divided, everyone so race minded.

Forgetting the root of evil, we can’t see that money is what divide the people.

The way we treat those living in poverty, is regarded as monstrosity.

All the women screaming #MeToo, still the people act as if they have no clue.

Children dying, mothers crying. The hate intensifying.

Public education auctioned to the highest bidder, with it the minds of our inter-city youth wither.

It’s not about race, it’s always been about your birth place.

Social economic status, the apparatus that divides us.

Blinded by its power, we can’t see we all have more in common. We can’t wait another hour, it’s time we start a rigor examen.

Some say it’s the way the world goes round, some think it’s this that keeps us confound.

Many sit in silence, it’s their way to avoid the violence.

Lack of knowledge when it comes to both our individual and collective history. Did you realize we’re hearing all the same stories.

Black boys killed like it’s a sport, the other alternative is an unjust court.

Predominate blacks schools mirror prisons, they claim school safety is the reason.

Got me questioning if it’s really the truth, all I see is how it’s impacting my youth.

Again people think of race, ignoring the money in their face.

It’s Presidents Day, one click of the remote and you’ll see the world is in dismay.

45 talking about FBI and Russians, still ignoring the real serious discussions.

Missing Presidents Obama’s message of together WE CAN, forgetting it’s how we can make American great again.

Claiming we’re woke, is this a practical joke.

We’re not getting any younger, it’s time we really woke from our slumber.

19 February 2018
New Age Tubman



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