There is no I in team, if one bleeds we all bleed.

They say a house divided cannot stand. Got me wondering how will America be great again?

From what I’ve learned. For my people; my ancestors. America has been its biggest oppressor. Even the basic right of being free, had to be earned.
Again, questioning the glass being half full, when I can visibly see the half empty. I have no other choice, but to look inward… I start to look at me.
Understanding more my own imperfections, hwlping me contain the rooted Malcolm X aggression.
My heart more aligned with Dr. King, I too want everyone to sing.
Thinking if we all unite, there would be no need to fight.
Feeling like we’ve traded one massa for anotha. Feels as if everyone’s chasing a dolla.
From the slave to the Dream of equality. Maybe it’s time we start to look more into equity.
They say a house divided, cannot stand. I’m not sure if it’s ever been great, I believe together WE CAN.
New Age Tubman
26 May 2018

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