The Life She Lives

6958944E-787D-4176-B7EA-D404ED47D810They don’t understand  the life she lives. They can’t see the fortune she has to give.

Been in this fight for a while, it all started when she was a child.

So many sleepless nights, searching for the light.
They say history repeats, so she wonders if she’ll ever be complete.
Should that really be the goal? With all the scars left on her soul?
Her mother fighting with her friend pipe in the streets, so she experienced many defeats.
Leading to her mother being taken away at the hands of some pigs. She reveals all she digs.
Just eleven years old. Imagine the pain of the scars on her soul.
Gaining strength from her father. Then he died, she couldn’t see how she could ever prosper.
A member of the #metoo movement. Some view her as a version of the black girl mutant
Embracing the pain of the knife in her hand. She figured she’d create her own promise land.
Chasing the only love she ever knew, she followed the wrong crew.
Traveling from post to pillow. Forget pots and pans, she didn’t even have a window.
Robbing and stealing for her ration, led to frequent involuntary vacations.
There’s no work for a felon, so she searches for a way to make lemonade from this one lemon.
All she sees is the glass half empty, now her heart is jetty.
Her faith deceived, she doesn’t know what to believe.
Feeling like she has nothing left. She starts thinking about her last breathe.
She wants to break the cycle, trying to avoid the downward spiral.
Becoming her own emcee, she gives her plea.
Maybe they’ll see the fortune she gives.  Maybe they’ll understand the life she lives.
15 July 2018

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