I often write during my quiet time. It allows me to reflect on my daily activities and experiences. Giving me the opportunity to give  homage for my life and the many blessings I see everyday. I recently begin to study the life and works of Maya Angelou. Intrigued by her story and the power of the words that she used to share it.

The story of a mute girl who believed she had the power to kill by just by speaking, that would use her words to inspire generations of people. A little black girl who lived through a great deal of the African American history in America and shared her story with courage and grace.

It was Dr. Angelou who inspired me with her words to tell not just my story but the story of many others who can resonate with the words that I share. She taught me about the “Rainbows in the clouds,” and  how we are all “Rainbows” in our own right.

We truly never know the imprint that we leave on not just this world, but the people God has place along our path. By putting these occurrences  in words and sharing my experience, I pray that people will have more compassion for one another and become a Village and save our children.

This collection of work is not strategically plan, at least not on my part. I am just simply following the path I’ve asked God to order my steps on. Knowing what my passion is, and still searching for ways to fulfill my purpose.

As the New Age Tubman, I seek to save the souls of our lost and empty young girls and women, leading them to freedom. I strive to build bridges through the valleys of negative stigmas to the mountains of courage and hope. To teach the message that we are stronger together, because a sisterhood bond can’t be broken.