Country Girl From the Pass


In the middle of my wreckage, I read the words “Turn your mess, into your Message.”

From a country girl with a heart so big, everyone can see it even as she faced her biggest fears. Sharing her entire journey, even the tears.
Teaching us “Everybody’s Got Something,” the entire lesson is touching.
The stories giving hope, to many giving a strategy to cope.
A proud Mississippian, just like me. In the middle of my wreckage, she help me to see.
That this too shall pass, giving me an air mask.
Echoing right foot, left foot, breathe, repeat. Followed by an inspirational tweet.
Helping millions she doesn’t even know, helping us to deal with some of life’s toughest blows.
Planting seeds she can’t see. I’m thankful for the seed she planted in me.
Sharing her entire family with the world, a true country girl.
Thankful for her relationship with God and prayer, without it she may have been a professional basketball player.
Missing her opportunity to walk in her purpose. Leading many to have hope to face their burdens.
A country girl from the Pass, helping others look at the half full glass.
Helping me to see the struggle is the blessing. Helping me to turn my mess into my message and share my life lessons.
New Age Tubman
27 July 2018



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