The Root of Division


When He speaks I write, please don’t take these words in spite.

Not trying to preach to you, just tired of ignoring the truth.

The world we currently live in, so full of sin.

45s promise to make America great again, has our world looking like the world described by James Baldwin.

A country divided, everyone so race minded.

Forgetting the root of evil, we can’t see that money is what divide the people.

The way we treat those living in poverty, is regarded as monstrosity.

All the women screaming #MeToo, still the people act as if they have no clue.

Children dying, mothers crying. The hate intensifying.

Public education auctioned to the highest bidder, with it the minds of our inter-city youth wither.

It’s not about race, it’s always been about your birth place.

Social economic status, the apparatus that divides us.

Blinded by its power, we can’t see we all have more in common. We can’t wait another hour, it’s time we start a rigor examen.

Some say it’s the way the world goes round, some think it’s this that keeps us confound.

Many sit in silence, it’s their way to avoid the violence.

Lack of knowledge when it comes to both our individual and collective history. Did you realize we’re hearing all the same stories.

Black boys killed like it’s a sport, the other alternative is an unjust court.

Predominate blacks schools mirror prisons, they claim school safety is the reason.

Got me questioning if it’s really the truth, all I see is how it’s impacting my youth.

Again people think of race, ignoring the money in their face.

It’s Presidents Day, one click of the remote and you’ll see the world is in dismay.

45 talking about FBI and Russians, still ignoring the real serious discussions.

Missing Presidents Obama’s message of together WE CAN, forgetting it’s how we can make American great again.

Claiming we’re woke, is this a practical joke.

We’re not getting any younger, it’s time we really woke from our slumber.

19 February 2018
New Age Tubman




DDAC1FDA-9DDB-4B34-A994-71913CB53681The Core of My Anatomy: Family

It’s hard to articulate, no other bond carries the same weight.

They’re the cards we were dealt, the ones you wouldn’t trade for anybody else.

No matter how dysfunctional, they’re the most lovable.

Giving us our first set of attributes, they are the very beginning of our roots.

They won’t think twice, for you they’ll sacrifice.

They’re not always all glittery, still we share some of the same history.

They always show forgiveness, even when we’ve been a hot mess.

The closest thing to God’s Love on earth, they always remind us of our worth.

They live forever in our hearts. There; they forever give us support.

They provide a structure, that protects us even through the hurt.

No matter what has happened through the years, we always love our relatives.

They are the core of our anatomy, they are FAMILY.

Sitting around the table smashing, sharing stories and laughing.

Sharing memories, with “you remember when” stories.

For me it was summers in the country, back when Big Mama was chunky.

When Big Daddy drove that Buick like a Caddie.

The legendary “ass-whippings.” Why did I break that pick-up truck window, I was really tripping.

On the front porch playing church, playing baseball; sliding in what we wish had been dirt.

Riding four wheelers, and driving trackers.

Cutting the church grass with big Daddy, acting as his lawn mowing caddy.

Working; helping Willie in the hot sun for icy cups. Now that I think about it; he got over on us🤔.

Staying up late playing spades, man those were the days.

Sitting around shelling peas, a time when Big Mama planted her knowledge seeds.

Bringing us up in the church, she taught us how to pray and search.

Telling us to search after God’s heart, and whenever we messed up she gave us a fresh start.

Teaching us to stand strong when one falls down, our signature trait ask anyone in town.

All my uncles carrying a piece of William Hervey traits, my aunts with traces of Fannie Lee; You can see it through their grace.

My cousins serving as my second best friends, just like my sisters; I know they’re with me til the end.

We all share the same roots, the same blood. The closest thing on earth to experiencing God like Love.

The hand that I was dealt, and I wouldn’t trade any of them for anyone else.

Family, the core of our anatomy.


-New Age Tubman
22 November 2017



United Knee


Influence as powerful as God, many are examples of beating the odds.

From low income households, to swimming in gold.

From wearing hand me downs, now you spend freely by the pound.

Escaping the cycle of poverty, jail, and death. Through sport you found your wealth.

The sport that got you out the hood, the same sport that taught you about brotherhood.

We all know there’s strength in numbers. It’s time you wake from your slumber.

Imagine how great America could really be, if all his brothers  took a united knee.

New Age Tubman
24 September 2017

Reflections of a Teacher (Week 1, 2017)


Reflecting on the first week, and I have to admit I’m physically and emotionally bleak.

Fighting the combination of what most would call the woman’s oppression and the battle of the adolescence aggression.

Becoming a mother to the motherless. Understanding more and more why they are rudderless.

In a week’s time, they all became mine. Each showing me how their spring colors shine.

Sharing snacks during lunch. They talk; I listen, absorbing their personalities like a sponge.

My modernized version of the traditional FBA. My attempt to save the souls others would rather throw away.

Talking trash to the boys threatening them with my jumper. The more I talk the more their personalities wake from their slumber.

Determining the function of their behavior, a difficult task when analyzing the life of the modern day teenager.

Still after just one week, I’m feeling good about this technique.

Their spring colors carries me through, and in return I show them the power of their hue.

Experiencing their excitement about the first book club Eat & Chat, makes me proud when when people ask, “what school you work at?”

TA-FT!! The greatest place on earth, where our students learn their worth.

I may be physically and emotionally bleak, but my spirit and my mental stand tall as a teak.

New Age Tubman
25 July 2017



The Women’s Salon


Her gift provides self-esteem to their thirsty roots. Every two weeks they run to her to receive a refuel from her ability to spruce.

Ask they pour out their frustrations and stress, she tells them how much they’ve been blessed.

Even sharing her own journey, reminding them that they are worthy.

A blessing and a curse, her gift is also her biggest weakness. Her power obverse, the catch is her meekness.

With a caring heart, her hands produce wearable art. Still there are times when she too carries a heavy heart.

Experiencing the beauty of the sisterhood, in her time of need there they stood.

Their, Amens to the “she ain’t shits and damn I can’t believe this,” superseded by their, “we got cha back sis.”

Reminding her how much she’s blessed, repeating “God’s knows best.”

Her gift provides self-esteem to their thirsty roots, and their sisterly bond feeds her thirst too.

The women’s salon, a healing place they can depend on.

New Age Tubman
16 July 2017






Modern Day Ruth



We’re supposed to be doing this for the kids. But everyone’s trying to get the bid.

I just show up so I don’t get fined. With the best of my abilities performing the task I’m assigned.

Maybe they don’t understand how their grind is different from mine. I pray they can see it in time.

They’re looking just at the local, I’m thinking global.

Not trying to do it on my own. I’m just doing what I’ve always known. Study and and work, keeping records like an experience clerk.

I’m not trying to compete. No need to think I’ll cheat.

I believe in teamwork, life changing impact is the perk.

Paying it forward by encouraging our young to stay the path. Becoming their protector when they are in the mist of the wrath.

Protecting them with affirmations, even when they lash out in frustration.

Reflecting on my own journey, using my my experiences to advise them like an experienced attorney.

Each encouraging word removing the dirt, constantly reminding them of their worth.

A modern day Ruth, I’m committed the uplifting of our youth.

New Age Tubman
21 August 2017

Stay The Path


Sometimes the flesh gets weak. The spirit keeps the stress, the flesh lets it leak.

How can you stay the path, when it feels like nothing’s around but the wrath?

Every frustration blinding your vision, all you can see is constant division.

Not just in your country, where the times of 2017 mirror those of 1943. A time when nearly everyone questions what it means to be free.

But even in your own life, you can see the strife.

Always praying for others, now your starting to think whose praying for me?” So many thoughts flooding your mind, a part of you wanting to flee.

Escaping the moments of the currents times, along with all the thoughts racing through your mind.

Taking time to reflect and breathe. Now you can actually see how much you’ve been bless, every positive thought releasing the stress.

If it where easy everyone would be doing it. What you display is pure grit.

When times get hard, God’s right there like a bodyguard.

When you fall he’s picking you up. Fulfilling your thirst from His spiritual cup.

Speaking reminders of the power of music remedy. Like a nice warm bath you sit in the music that got you through so many times when things were just crappie.

You know it’s just a spiritual test. He’s already prepared you, there’s no need to stress. Just stay calm and do your best.

How do you stay the path, when it feels like nothing’s around but the wrath?

You wipe off the dust, and in God put all your trust.

He’ll never leave or forsake you, there’s nothing you can bite off that He can’t chew.

Keep the faith, God always makes a way.

God will take care of the wrath, you just stay the path.

New Age Tubman
19 July 2017